Finding a place to live in NYC can sometimes be difficult on your own. That’s why LISMA Language Schools offer optional housing assistance to its international students. These housing options range from local home stays to private apartments, depending on the student’s budget and personal preference.

Home Stay Opportunities

Living with an American host family is not only a great way to improve your English, but also to learn and experience the culture. Upon a student’s request, LIC/LISMA Language Schools are able to introduce host families to students who they can live with during their time of study in the US. Price range is $800 to $1,000 per month with meals provided.


Finding the right apartment is one of the most important things to accomplish and may not be so easy. Therefore, upon student’s request, We are here to help you with your search. Prices range anywhere between $600 (shared) and $1,500. Here are some sites to help you search on your own.
The following links may be useful:
http://newyork.craigslist.org/ (English)
http://www.easyroommates.com (English)
http://classifieds.worldjournal.com/AdSearch2007/adsearch.aspx?ct=320&state=NY (中文)
http://www.add7.net/roommate.htm (日本語)
http://living.aozorany.com/index.php (日本語)
http://nyc.mixb.net/acm/acm_list_f.php (日本語)
http://info-fresh.com/rooms (日本語)
http://www.heykorean.com/HKBoard/Room/Rent_Main.asp (한국어)